It is common, that in most restaurants and many bars to the dishes and drinks always a lemon wheel gets.

It is annoying that you have to express the lemon slice with your fingers to make the drink and the dishes a bit more tasty. Afterwards, the toilet is then opened to wash the hands.

This is now the end: Because there is LEMON HEART.

It is no longer necessary to touch the lemon slice or the lemon slit, but take it directly with LEMON HEART,



The lemons slice falls into the intended recess and one can express them, without which a core comes into the drink or on the food.

It is also an ideal advertising medium, since it is compatible with most conventional advertising articles, does not cost more than a good pen and is very interesting for the drink market, restaurants, catering and also for the end user.

I would be delighted if you liked this article and you might think about adding it to your website, it is available in all colors.


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